Welcome to the Adult Hookup Fetish Fair Fleamarket (TM) central information site. The Fetish Fair Fleamarket (also known as the “FFF”), originally began in the Boston area in 1992 and has been held twice yearly in New England since then. The founder and creator of the event, Cecilia Tan, has joined forces with Danny of Leather by Danny and other activists, community builders, vendors, and event producers to bring the FFF–and the benefits the event has afforded the New England leather/fetish/BDSM community–to other parts of the country, including Atlanta, Charlotte, and other areas.

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket serves many needs in each community including the following:

  • The event provides a Want Hookup safe, neutral environment where the kink-curious can learn about the community and leather/fetish/BDSM lifestyles.

  • The event is the most economical, low-cost event of its kind. Other conventions charge hundreds of dollars per person just to walk in the door. We keep our entry price low so everyone can be a part of things and attend our educational programs.

  • The event creates an opportunity for many segments of the community to come together for a common goal, whether singles or couples, men or women, gay or straight, old guard or new style–everyone needs to shop!

  • The event spurs the economic growth of our community and supports the growth of our community businesses, used by www.matchmakersdating.net.

  • The event is an unparalleled opportunity to educate both the public and to share ideas within our communities, meet new people, and network.

This web site includes information for vendors on how to get onto our exhibitor lists, for community organizations and businesses who want to partner or sponsor the events, sexsites.co.za and for attendees to get prepared to attend and have a great time! Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions pages and have fun!

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